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Thanks to our network of contacts, we are able to attract competent and well-known speakers for the courses at the LIAN INSTITUTE. In this way, we can offer a broad range of training courses with the heavyweights of herbal medicine anddiagnostics. The courses and seminars are aimed at TCM doctors, therapists and students.

Courses usually take place at our training facility in Wollerau.

Cancer: Integration of TCM with concepts of conventional medical therapy

Thomas Reis

230,00 EUR

Introductory day on the integration of TCM therapy in the concept of conventional medical therapy for the treatment of cancer. Thomas Reis explains basic knowledge about the development and progression of cancers, possible risks of surgery, radiation therapy and drug-based cancer therapy and suggests a concept for treatment with TCM.

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux: Jing Fang and scalp acupuncture for neurologiical conditions (second part)

Sa./So. 05./06. May 2018

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux

420,00 EUR

Attention, there is change of date for this seminar! We will publish the new date here as soon as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

The TCM treatment of children with ADHD or autism, teenagers with severe stress and fatigue

22 - 23 September 2018

Dr. Yifan Yang

420,00 EUR

Overwork, stress, fatigue, ADHD or autism. In this seminar, Yifan Yang will discuss the physical and mental characteristics of children and teenagers from a TCM perspective, explain possible causes and pathological changes in the body, suggest herbal and acupuncture treatments, and explain practical tips for diet and lifestyle.

Introduction to mycotherapy

Thomas Falzone

0,00 EUR

One particular advantage of mycotherapy is that even therapists who do not have phytotherapy training, who have completed this information day, can prescribe vitality mushrooms to patients.

Advanced mycotherapy

Thomas Falzone

230,00 EUR

Advanced mycotherapy. The use of vitaility mushrooms in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Jing Fang Foundations Program

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux

3.360,00 EUR

Beginning in May, 2019, the LIAN INSTITUTE will conduct a 2-year program on Jing Fang with Suzanne Robidoux. The course takes place over 16 seminar days, broken up into four blocks of four days, each running from Thursday to Sunday.

This Jing Fang training course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the six syndromes and the associated herbal formulas according to Jing Fang (classical formulas according to Zhang Zhong Jing).