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With over ten years experience in the market, LIAN CHINAHERB is an established supplier of Chinese medicinal products. We remain convinced that the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine will lead to it becoming increasingly accepted around the world. The unhindered flow of qi, the balance of yin and yang, and the circulation of the five elements are health factors which also apply to commercial "bodies". For us as a specialist pharmacy and commercial enterprise, it is also important to ensure a healthy flow of energy between departments and employees, and between business partners and customers in order to maintain an energy balance.
Sixten Kollstad
One very valuable therapeutic factor for us is direct communication with you. Your comments, suggestions, advice and wishes motivate us to continually adapt our products and services to satisfy your needs. Like the bamboo twig in TCM, flexible and strong at the same time, we want to develop innovative ideas and pursue new projects. This results in such developments as new magistral formulations, like our new cough drops. Our shared goal is to remain healthy and promote health. Chinese medicine supports us in this.
We look forward to working together with you again!
Karin Knauer

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