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We work with a partner firm in Germany which has teams of highly qualified specialists both in China and Germany. Through this close German-Chinese cooperation, medicinal plants are cultivated, harvested and dried in a controlled environment in accordance with the GAP standards. Every batch is checked specifically for impurities (heavy metals, arsenic, pesticides) and microbiological contamination, and is only sent to Europe if all specifications of the valid European Pharmacopoeia and/or Chinese Pharmacopoeia are satisfied. The crude drugs are delivered to Switzerland with the Analysis certificate issued by a GMP-certified European laboratory. Each batch is checked for identity again in LIAN’s own laboratory, both organoleptically and microscopically or using HPTLC and/or chemical analysis. A comparative analysis is also carried out using reference batches. Only if all test criteria are met is the batch of crude drugs approved.
Our granule producer is in Taiwan. They use decoction to produce both single-substance granules from individual Chinese crude drugs and granule blends from traditional pharmaceutical mixtures. The raw materials are sourced from contract suppliers in China. The whole granule manufacturing process is subject to GMP guidelines; a Swiss inspection team regularly checks compliance with the relevant standards. TCM granules are classified as medicines in Switzerland, so they undergo a stringent approval process. This means that we are rigorously checked and monitored at regular intervals by the medicinal products authority Swissmedic for compliance with PIC-GMP guidelines – covering everything from the granule manufacturer to our internal procedures. All imported granules have an analysis certificate to demonstrate identity and purity in line with the European and/or Chinese pharmacopoeia. Every batch is checked and analysed again for identity by our qualified laboratory team, organoleptically and by performing HPTLC and/or chemical analysis on reference batches. The purity analyses are checked and supplemented by a GMP-certified European analysis laboratory. Only granules which comply with all specific testing criteria are approved.
GAP: Good Agricultural Practice
GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice
HPTLC: High-performance thin-layer chromatography
PIC-GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice in pharmacy
PIC: Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention

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