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Granules In Capsules
Capsules are available in Switzerland and EU
Many patients prefer capsules because they are tasteless. Compared to tablets or pills, capsules have the advantage that the granules are ideally distributed in the stomach and can be absorbed as soon as the coating dissolves. In contrast, pills or tablets which are pressed too hard can prevent full absorption of the active substances in the intestinal tract. It is often seen as a disadvantage that the capsules are very large, 23 mm long with a diameter of 8.5 mm (capsule size 00). And despite their size, each dose generally has to consist of several capsules, since the capacity per capsule is only 0.4 g. With a daily dosage of 6 g, for example, this means taking 15 capsules. We use only capsules made of cellulose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose). They contain no sugar, soya or colouring, and no substances of animal origin. All your patients can take these capsules without any problem; there are no known intolerabilities.
Granules In Tablet Form
Tablets are available in Switzerland
The tablet form is pleasant and uncomplicated to take. The taste of the granules is only just discernible, so tablets are suitable for people who dislike the often bitter or unusual herbal taste. We are pleased to be able to offer granule tablets in three sizes. The smallest tablet contains 0.25 g, the medium-sized 0.5 g and the largest 1 g of granules. The 1 g tablet is scored and can thus be broken in the middle. The tablets are produced from our high quality granules. The tablet form is advantageous in terms of the ratio of size to capacity. The smallest tablet has a diameter of 8mm and contains 0.25 g of granules. Swallowing several tablets of this size presents hardly any problem for most patients and is not found unpleasant. The medium sized tablet has a diameter of 11 mm and contains 0.5 g of granules. The largest tablet is 21 mm long, with a diameter of 11 mm at its widest point, and contains 1 g of granules. With the largest tablet, the number of tablets per day is reduced. An average daily dosage of 8–12 g, for example, can be achieved with just 8–12 tablets spread over the day. Most patients find this entirely acceptable. The granules are pressed into tablet form under relatively high pressure. The natural corn starch already contained in the granule is generally sufficient as the binder, so that no additional excipients are needed.

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