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Quality also means professional expertise. Responsible use of Chinese medicinal plants requires expertise and competence on all levels and a team working with the highest standard of knowledge.
Our team comprises specialists in the fields of pharmacognosy, pharmacy, analytics and TCM therapy at the highest level. They are responsible for optimal product selection. All quality criteria, professional expertise and knowledge must be fulfilled, the absence of heavy metal and pesticide residues guaranteed and CITES species protection stipulations satisfied. Our skilled team will gladly advise and receive questions from practitioners. New company specialities are constantly being developed and tested to expand our product range. In addition, our team works hard on many fronts, including public authorities, organisations and specialist circles, to ensure that traditional Chinese medicine can become established as an acknowledged form of medicine.
We are particularly proud of our work to facilitate international academic exchange, and we offer courses with established specialists from all over the world, for instance Prof. Shi Xuemin, Prof. Yuning Wu, Alex Tiberi, Dr. Gunter Neeb, Barbara Kirschbaum and many others. This commitment has produced a growing network of enriching contacts from which we draw new knowledge and which inspires us to continuously improve our products.