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The Online Ordering System
The Lian OOS can be used for ordering granules and raw herb formulations, luxury teas and magistral formulations for internal and external application. It is also possible to order raw herbs wholesale or granulate bottles for sale in pharmacies or for doctors’ or therapists’ own requirements. The customer is allocated an authorisation code according to their category (pharmacist, doctor, therapist, acupuncturist, etc). The Lian OOS is a web application which does not require installation. As soon as a login and password have been allocated by Lian Chinaherb, you can log in via the following link:
You will always find the active link to the OOS on our website If you have problems logging in, please contact our Customer Service:
Consulting service for customers from Germany:
Tel. 0800 786 99 99 (no charge)
from other countries: Tel. +41 (0)44 786 99 99
or by e-mail:
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