LIAN Homepage: OOS Login and additional specialist information


TCM physicians and therapists can log on to the LIAN homepage with their OOS Login details to see additional specialist information.

On the LIAN homepage you will find a link (picture of a chest with drawers) on the main page at the bottom left, which is linked directly to the login page for the online ordering system (OOS). The appropriate OOS screen (CH or EU) is displayed according to your country settings.

In the so-called footer of the homepage at the bottom, you can always find the link to the OOS login page, no matter where you are on the website. This link will take you to the page where you can choose wither the CH or EU store before logging in. This page is especially helpful for those who are supplying patients in Switzerland and in Germany, and who have to choose the appropriate market at the time.

We recommend saving the OOS login page as a favorite in your browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) so that you can access it at any time.

If you need login details to use the LIAN Online Ordering System (OBS), send us an email at or call us at: Tel. 0041 (0)44 786 99 99


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