New ordering system and raw herbs - Update



The launch of our simplified LIAN ordering system OOS (Online Ordering System) with its new design is getting closer. This system will feature intuitive operation and therefore a simplified ordering process.

Due to high order volume and difficult conditions in this special period, the changeover will be delayed by a few weeks. During the changeover phase, we want to be fully there for you, which is why we will put the new ordering system into operation after the holiday period at the end of January 2021.

No rush during the changeover: The previous ordering system will remain operating in parallel during the changeover phase. You can get familiar and appreciate the new system at your leisure.

And from the end of January 2021, we will also be offering you the opportunity to order high-quality raw herb prescriptions from us.

NEW! Raw herb formulas with exceptional service

  • Packing according to different cooking processes (precooking, standard, adding at near end)
  • Preparation of cooking instructions

  • Raw herbs are available classically in cut form, as well as in two degrees of grinding (coarse and fine)

  • Raw herb formulas packed in plastic bags or filter bags


The new look of LIAN OOS showing an example of a raw herb prescription order

Separate packing according to the different cooking processes - pre-cook, standard and add near end - is suggested by the OOS.

Preparing cooking instructions
After choosing the number of daily doses, the system recommends detailed cooking instructions. This can be sent to the patient together with the raw herb prescription.


Cut or ground
Raw herbs cut in their classic form are also available ground in two grades of fineness (coarse and fine).

Packing in bags
Raw herbs cut in the traditional way or in ground form are available in plastic bags or filter bags.

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