New release: Female Infertility and Reproductive Gynecology


We are very happy about the publication of the long-awaited book “Female Infertility and Reproductive Gynecology ”.
20 years ago, LIAN invited the fertility specialist Yuning Wu (CN) to give a seminar and thus laid the foundation for the creation of this work. Her competence and experience in this area as well as her warm and refreshing teaching style convinced and inspired us from the start. That is why we organized regular seminars and later entire courses. Many TCM gynaecology specialists have waited a long time for the fundamental book with numerous formulas from Yuning Wu that have been tried and tested over many years. It was made possible by Celine Leonard (IE), who structured and wrote the book from countless teaching notes in close collaboration with Yuning Wu. She was supported by medical expertise from reproductive medical specialist Michael Häberle (CH) and clinical case studies from the practice of Esther Denz (CH).

Doctors and therapists can purchase the book "Female Infertility and Reproductive Gynecology" through the OOS ordering system.

Create challenging prescriptions quickly 
To make prescribing easier, we have made the numerous formulas in the book available in LIAN’s Online Ordering System as an "Expert System". A digital flow chart takes you to the appropriate formula template, taking into account the western clinical picture and TCM diagnostics. You can save a lot of time by using this "Expert Tool". In just a few minutes, you can create the right herbal formula for your patient with the appropriate modifications based on the fundamental work "Female Infertility and Reproductive Gynecology"


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